Friday, February 20, 2015

Easy to write but difficult to live in real

While going through all my posts since the beginning, I just realized that I have been writing about life, lessons,  twists and turns and unimaginable changes that comes across us. But today I feel I never understood what is exactly Life

When I look down my memories and thoughts, today I feel..I am the only one who could never understand the changes happening around me. May be I name these changes the zigzags of life or some unending paths of life.

On looking towards my dreams and aspirations of life, everything seemed to be well planned and systematized  but still there is a lot that comes over like a bomb that doesn't even give a breathing space and you end up solving the wholesome trouble that arrived like a blast. That's how life happens. All taught lessons and remembrance of God comes over to help in solving the trouble  but still everything doesn't turn back to according to our thoughts. At times we feel very adamant and particular about our life and its moments but destiny counts its own ways. All the practical planned thoughts go in vain when path changes and people around you change for good or bad.

All in all ..I realized its easier to write what life is but difficult to survive in the real world where nothing is planned and we should be all set to run the race of life happily ever after.

Nothing much to say just..

Keep Smiling and the troubles turn down there ways to happiness.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lizards out this Summer

Everyone knows lizards are a widespread group of reptiles with varied range of species in them. Lizards are amongst the most common animals and reptiles found in our house especially in summer season. Although they tend to hibernate in winter season a bit, but summers go horrible in seeing them. As those hot summers approach fast lizards tend to get out of their holes and tube light stands off to our room walls.
Earlier we use to find lizards only on the walls of the rooms, but moving with a pace of the Gen Next lizards have started moving on the floor too. With their fast and advance movements in summer season, people who mostly react to these movements are the ladies and girls of the house.
But those tiny creature lizards tend to come on floor only when the floor movement is less in the room. After all, they are also scared of giant human characters like us. The fear with both humans and lizards is not unhidden but on a real fact it’s truly visible from humans end. It’s just that the reaction varies from a person to person depending on the intensity of fear and heat of movement.
Some of these reactions actually vary from different age groups and gender too. Like after seeing a lizard we have different reactions of a girl when in different age groups
A girl when in her teenage generally starts screaming. A little grown up and years of experience in seeing a lizard on the room wall, a girl starts screaming but still tries hard to push the lizard out of the room by jumping alongside. Going ahead in her years the girl gets married and becomes a lady is still scared of the lizard but pretends not to be. The lady does not shout, but still tries her best to keep away and scare the lizard using a Broom in hand. The lady then becomes a mother and has a baby to take care of, and so the scared lady comes to be a little braver in that aspect and using her Broom and makes the lizard step out of the room.
All of these age groups are scared of the lizard and always have a common reaction and words which states, “Lizard can fall or can crawl.”
Boys on the other hand be it any age group are never seen scared of lizards, either they pretend or actually they aren’t scared. Well, nothing more on this, exceptions are always there in this world.
Reason behind all these reactions is nothing that we are not aware of its in simple terminology “Appearance” and “reptile with varied breeds”. Appearance on other hand all I believe can be deceptive too.
So the basic common problem this summer is rising lizards in the homes. So keep them away from girls or you have a heavy entertaining day ahead.

Keep Moving..

It’s been long since I thought I can actually write something...but to the actual fact of life. Today it just all started when I read one of my followers email after years. I never thought in my life I will be inspired to write again....

Today it gives me immense pleasure to pen down my thoughts once again. It’s always been a great sense of achievement within me, when I knew there are people who eagerly wait for me to write. To my fault I left things far behind and just kept walking ahead.

All those years, I never turned back and even made an effort to read what all I ever wrote. There was a sheer sense of disappointment within me after losing my mother. Nothing kept moving for me except my work. With a sense of responsibility I just kept going without giving a pause to myself. Failing to understand the essence of time for oneself - I lost the most precious time. Wherein, I lost another friend and a way of expressing my thoughts.

Well I can’t get back the lost time. All I can do is try and start capturing my thoughts once again…



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Biggest Ever Change - -LIFE

Enchanting, Exuberating, Joyous, Gleaming, Magnificent, Distinct, Disillusioned, Dynamic are some big good words about our so called LIFE. Unlike few big great words; Life at small is a cluster of all good and evil.

Life is nothing but a small vicious circle of happiness and sorrows, smiles and tears, love and hatred.

All of this seems to be like philosophies or prophesies. But true fact is that Life is full of positives and negatives, if it is enchanting then it can be disgusting too. It’s all how you take life. If life can be magnificent then it can be sore too. It is all on how we treat life.

Life is truly like a Cardiac monitor display filled with zigzags. The only difference is that a cardiac monitor is observed by a doctor and our life by us. The zigzags are the paths of life which are filled with anxiety, anger, smile, frustration, irritation, love, affection and many phases. Just live each and every moment of life without any thought. .Coz time never comes back.

It is on oneself how magnificent, vibrant, beautiful or other ways stinging life can be. Life is what you make it. So just fill all those saddy moments with smiles and keep going in this so called LIFE which makes you sense every feeling at all levels.